Professional loudspeaker systems for installation and live sound applications

eawTo personally experience the natural reproduction of audio is a gift. There is a transcendent connection between artist and audience that cannot readily be described. Any sound reinforcement system that is used during a live performance must strive to connect each and every member of the audience to the art as if the system itself is not even there. A loudspeaker system is not the art. It is the canvas.

Every facet of system design focuses on delivering acoustical precision that is targeted at the exacting demands of a specific application. The conceptual goal is to ensure that from the simplest system to the most extensive array of devices, all EAW systems perform as a unified whole with a common origin.

Like studio monitors, EAW systems are designed to provide the most neutral, transparent experience possible. But unlike studio monitors, EAW systems are designed to do this for events or facilities of any shape or size. EAW has always and will continue to exclusively develop integrated products and applied technologies that redefine the industry envelope.

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